BBC Mixtape: 16 Feb 2015

Follow The Lion


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 15th Feb (technically 2am on Monday, 16th Feb 2015…)

DAVE DARK AND THE SHARKS – Brilliant Arresting Extravagant [starts 00:17]
Dave Dark And The Sharks as an act came together in Scarborough as a collective interest in electronic composition and performance. Their 2009 debut album The Gazebo Effect, resulted in widespread BBC airplay ranging from myself on 6 Music to The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. In between bouts of detention at Her Majesty’s pleasure, Dave Dark has been studying Tantric Dentistry at Aberystwyth University and currently resides in Newport, South Wales. Gnomically subitled “Cerulean dream party experiment (Vignette #3)”, Brilliant Arresting Extravagant may or may not be part of the band’s long awaited – but still unreleased – second album The Large Hadron Kaleidoscope.

FUZZY BROWN – Existential Vertigo [starts 05:26]
Fuzzy Brown is a singer/songwriter from Kingston, Surrey. He recently finished his second album Songs From The Naughty Step, which is currently free to download from his Bandcamp. The album was recorded using NO computers. All instruments were played by Fuzzy and each was recorded in a single take with no cut/paste, digital modelling or auto correct. From March onwards he will be gigging extensively, both solo and with his band The Fuzzy Pit, in and around London.

ELERI ANGHARAD – Five Years Old [starts 09:22]
Eleri Angharad can be described, she tells us, “…as Lucy Spraggen meets Taylor Swift. Catchy vocal melodies matched perfectly with witty lyrics form her Quirky Indie-Pop style. At the age of 19, Eleri flew out to study in North Carolina, armed herself with a guitar and went on a musical pilgrimage through Nashville, Chicago and New York, absorbing the sound and playing anywhere and everywhere she could. While in the US she began writing the songs for her debut EP Ticket To The Sky, released last June. She subsequently embarked on 2 months of shows around Dublin and Cork that autumn and last month returned from a series of open mic appearances back in Nashville. Currently creating new material, Eleri will release her second single this April. As a frequent performer across her native South Wales, next live shows will be at at The Scene, and at The Garage, in Swansea.”

RAWSCHAC – Bugaloo [starts 13:05]
“The brainchild of 5 like-minded lads born from their long and hazy late night jam sessions, Rawschac are a double headed 5-piece band based between Liverpool and Leeds. Their music draws influences from electronica, soul, R’n’B, grunge, and hiphop. The result is a moody soulful alternative sound, driven by heavy basslines, distant cutting guitar melodies and energetic vocals. Turning heads in the industry, the boys are currently in the studio writing and recording an EP, with a release set for the coming festival season. You can stream the new single Bugaloo for free and see what’s coming up for Rawschac on all the good social media sites.

FOLLOW THE LION – Candy And Gravity [starts 17:27]
Follow the Lion describe themselves as “a five piece alternative rock band from Leeds”. They’ve just completed recording their debut EP produced by Steve Whitfield and Mastered by Sufi Dub Legend Celt Islam. Their next live appearance is at the 02 Academy Sheffield on March 13th, followed by two Glasgow dates at The Garage and Nice & Sleazy’s.

OOBERFUSE – One Reality [starts 21:15]
Ooberfuse are an electronica band from Woolwich and consist of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson, with producer Roland Faber. They have been a warmup act to the Pope (to a live audience of 2 million in Madrid), performed in the House of Lords, and gigged in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas. Steered by the marvellous, pushed out from the common haunts of man, Ooberfuse navigate secure paths over the wildest oceans and unvisited regions of the human soul. Enwrapped in mists from the orient, a passion erupts from noble and almost forgotten sources. It elevates from all littleness of feeling subduing and tranquilising the superficiality of modern life. Their music explores unknown powers unfolding to the world the deepest mysteries. Their songs are audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things. One Reality is a single from the band’s forthcoming album later this year.”

NICK EDWARD HARRIS – Calm Your Demons Down [starts 25:09]
Having left his job and moved to New Zealand to live a frugal and solitary life, Nick E. Harris began dedicating almost every waking hour to homing his craft; and refining his guitar and songwriting techniques, all whilst busking to pay the bills. When he emerged again and returned to London, it was evident that this had paid off when Harris released his debut album Chimera which saw him collaborate with Emma Gatrill (Moulettes, The Mariner’s Children/Sons of Noel and Adrian) and Ted Dwane (Mumford and Sons). Now the progressive acoustic singer-songwriter is back to release his second album The Tall Trees. His sophomore album sees a significant development of both technique and style combing beguiling and welcoming vocals with a percussive and progressive guitar style that at times nods to Andy McKee, Thomas Leeb and John Smith. The result is an album that sits somewhere between John Martyn and Iron and Wine.

DEAD CEREMONY – Frames [starts 29:14]
“We’re an electronic-pop four piece from Kent,” say Dead Ceremony “and are made up of Christopher Stewart, David Trevillion, Neil Allen and Harry Pearce. Influenced by artists such as James Blake, Chet Faker, Portishead and John Hopkins, we blend emotive lyrics, with downtempo pop-electronic production.  We’ve made this track available on Soundcloud, as a precursor to our forthcoming EP Looking Glass, due to be released in April. Frames also coincides with the launch of our website with accompanying visuals. Our first London show will be at St Pancras Old Church on March 2nd, and is being run in association with Vice//Noisey.

GARDEN OF ELKS – This Morning We Are Astronauts [starts 33:33]
Garden of Elks are Niall Strachan (of Bronto Skylift) from Inverness, Ryan Drever (PAWS) from Glasgow and Paul Bannon (Lady North) from Edinburgh…” says Song, By Toad Records boss Matthew Young “…and between them they make a fearsomely good racket. They call themselves thrash-pop and I guess that does the trick – this is basically an album of ten short, sharp guitar pop songs played with reckless abandon and a joyful sense of chaos. That chaos is most at evidence in their live shows which tend to end in complete mayhem, and yet more damage to Niall’s long-suffering guitar. This album will be out this Spring on vinyl and cassette, and if you want to catch the band in the meantime, how about the Brew at the Bog Festival in Inverness on 2-3 May 2015?”

ELLA JANES – Helen [starts 35:48]
“22 year old Ella Janes grew up in Winchester, recently completing a French degree at the University of Exeter. Ella writes and performs her own music (both in English and in French) and is often accompanied by a band. Ella has self-released two EPs and is currently working on her next project. She was selected for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Longlist in 2013 and played alongside Toploader and Simple Minds at Alnwick Castle in August 2014. Recently moving to London, she is now a resident at Ronnie Scott’s and keen to break into London’s music scene.”

MUTADO PINTADO – Keep On Flying [starts 40:10]
Mutado Pintado, AKA Clams Baker, returns after a busy year of spreading sonically transmitted diseases to bring you his first audio biography, [336 W. 17th St], a tale of 11 years in and out of New York City’s underbelly. He’s the vocalist in vinyl-only word-of-mouth electro success story Paranoid London, frontman in Warmduscher alongside Saul and Jack of Fat White Family, and vocalist in Save – his collaboration with Colder‘s Marc Nguyen Tan. [336 W 17th St] tells tales of the musician’s time stateside and is a kaleidoscopic collision of musical influences. But from the hip-hop-tinged opener King Of The Worker Bees to the punky frenzy of Juanita’s guitar fuzzy, via the sunshiny drone-pop of this track Keep On Flying, this music is tied together by the inimitable NYC atmosphere that colours each of these stories. The record features a remix of previous single Blue, reworked here by Dutch producer Gluid, imbuing the bluesy groove of the original track with a new sense of urgency and energy.”

KNUCKLE – Ejector Seat (clean edit) [starts 43:13]
“After meeting at a Halloween 2013 gig, while Ben Wallbanks was wearing a potato sack on his head and tights on his legs and Jonny Firth was dressed as Jonny Firth, Knuckle were formed. Their first jamming session resulted in them writing 12 songs, a couple of practices later and they were already gigging. The first year included over 60 gigs around Europe and the release of their debut EP This Week’s Been Hell. Knuckle are gaining a reputation for explosive live sets and the artistic freedom of their compositions, a fondness for playing as loud as possible, their creativity, flair and a raucous heavy blues style.”

TREV GIBB – Skinny Arms [starts 46:57]
Trev Gibb‘s selftitled EP is due out at the end of April on Mono Productions. On Feb 5th Trev and his band played support for the Kaiser Chiefs at Newcastle Arena and will be taking his band on a tour of the UK tying in festival dates through the summer. A single, Old Wounds, is currently being recorded and planned for early summer. Mono are currently offering a free download of Trev’s first album recorded with Field Music as a sampler on their website.”

MARTHA BEAN – Song Of The Sea [starts 49:08]
Martha Bean is a songwriter from Leicester. Recently supporting Marika Hackman, Scott Matthews and Seth Lakeman, Martha has a world-class voice well worth keeping your ears open for. Comparisons have been made with Nick Drake, although Martha also draws inspiration from diverse influences including Radiohead and Debussy. Song Of The Sea is taken from her debut album When Shadows Return To The Sea, due for released 6th April 2015.”

JOHN McLINDEN – This Song Is Meaningless [starts 52:28]
Hailing from Motherwell, Scotland, I try and fuse my folk/celtic influences with my love for contemporary/popular music,” says John McLinden. “From Bert Jansch and Planxty to Radiohead and Elliott Smith; they’re all in there somewhere! Lyrically, I’m more inspired by prose than song lyrics or poetry, so I try to incorporate that into my music. In a vain attempt to steer clear of the ‘lovesong-writing sensitive-singer-songwriter’ tag, there aren’t any love songs in my repertoire, sadly… Next up for me in 2015 is a gig at Sweeney’s in the Park in Glasgow, followed by some more Glasgow gigs, work on a new EP and a new video.”

LECHE – Exhale [starts 56:19]
“An artist who has gone from support act for Tricky to headlining the electronica stage in the massive Sziget Festival in Hungary: Leche, the project of musician/producer/multi-instrumentalist Leandro Muñoz, creates a sonic-visual kaleidoscope with an unique multi genre sound influenced by a wide range of electronica and alternative styles. These days, Leche is working on a forthcoming album, Plural, as well as an European summer tour which includes once again that jewel of Central Europe festivals, Sziget in Budapest. It was recently named Best Major European Festival  (and this year Leche is the Festival’s Artistic Ambassador). He’ll also be making appearances in such diverse places as Kukemuru Ambient Festival in Estonia and Metagalaxy in Saint Petersburg, Russia.”
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