BBC Mixtape: 13 Jun 2016

This week’s free downloadable BBC Introducing Mixtape features handpicked tunes from the BBC Introducing Uploader by DADA, MEILIR, SASHA, JORDAN ALLEN, MODERN STUDIES, CHRIS LINTON, SCOTT WATSON, FENNE LILY, JOOSTVD, SORORITY, PENNILESS COVE, SAINT JAMES, SAMUEL FRANCIS, TROY FAID, and SAM LEOH.

The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and track start times for the podcast are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with info about the music provided by the artists.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader – some recommended to me by BBC colleagues while the rest are chosen from submissions to our Fresh On The Net inbox. Click here for more info – artists please also see the request at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 13th June at 2am.

DADA – Black Horse [starts 00:17]
“London based psychedelic rock trio DaDa released their debut single, Black Horse on 10th June via Black Wire Music. With a similar past, musical taste and previously knowing each other from different bands, the trio, composed of James Schiavone (main vocals, guitars, synths), Manuel Crisci (bass) and Ryhan Lovell (drums) was brought together in London to form DaDa. Black Horse was recorded and mixed by friend of many years and member of Black Wire Music, Alex Ciani and is a bold introduction to DaDa’s world. ‘It’s been very exciting to work on this release. These riffs were born in small room playing guitar and it’s been fantastic to see them come to life and mature. A lot of work has gone into this, nevertheless recording has always been fun, boozed and fairly straight forward and we are very grateful to the the chaps from Black Wire Music for believing in us and giving us this opportunity.’ Expect impending updates about DaDa and their exciting new EP The Pigeon Conspiracy out on 8th July.”

MEILIR – Arabella [starts 04:40]
“Born and raised in the hills of Flintshire in North Wales, Meilir creates melody driven songs & soundscapes. He uses a medley of experimental instrumentation that includes a typewriter, tray of gravel and kalimba, in harmony with the more conventional piano and guitar.

Meilir has been slowly building a reputation as one of Wales most exciting, intriguing and provocative musicians – his live performances are compelling, intimate and memorable, you’ve not seen anything quite like this before. Past performances have included Green Man, FOCUS Wales, Llangollen and Edinburgh Fringe festivals as well as supporting Tiny Ruins, Faust and Michael Rother (Neu!).

Meilir will release the single Arabella on July 11th. It has already received very enthusiastic reviews. Arabella will be followed by the release of a brand new single very soon. Expect many exciting things from this original music maker.”

SASHA – Fall On My Feet [starts 07:54]
“Fall On My Feet is the debut single from Sasha, twenty year old singer-songwriter based in London, currently in her second year of studying songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music (Foxes, Daughter). The product of an entire summer’s worth of writing and refining, Fall On My Feet introduces expansive soundscapes to the organic sound that made her debut EP, Bloodlines, so enchanting. Despite a focus on songwriting, Sasha’s vocal ability is highly valued by membership of London Contemporary Voices, with two of the current choir singing on A Moon Shaped Pool (Radiohead). The single can be purchased on iTunes  and streamed on Spotify.”

JORDAN ALLEN – White Lines [starts 11:38]
“For the last 6 months Jordan Allen have been recording with production legend Steve Osborne (Happy Mondays, New Order, Doves, U2) at Peter Gabriel’s world acclaimed Real World Studios.”

MODERN STUDIES – Dive Bombing [starts 15:45]
Modern Studies are a chamber pop band from Glasgow-via-Yorkshire. Their quietly experimental landscape songs are played on analogue synths, cello, double bass, drums, guitars, a wine-glass orchestra and, at the creaking centre of things, a Victorian pedal harmonium. The band came together in early 2015, when Glasgow songwriter Emily Scott recruited old pals and collaborators Pete Harvey (King Creosote, The Leg), Joe Smillie (boss of Glasgow’s The Glad Cafe) and Rob St. John.”

CHRIS LINTON – Fall To The Floor [starts 18:11]
Chris Linton is a singer-songwriter from Plymouth who is currently serving in the Royal Navy. He released his debut EP Ascension in October 2015. He has a very eclectic musical pallet and is influenced by the likes of Noah Gunderson, Damien Rice and Dallas Green of City & Colour. Chris performs throughout Devon & Cornwall, and also writes and produces vocals for EDM tracks, working with dance producers all over the World. A number of tracks he’s recently worked on have been signed to labels in Europe and the USA; his latest collaboration Heist recently hit over fifty thousand plays across Soundcloud and Youtube.

Chris released his single Fall To The Floor in April along with a Music Video which starred his little Sister Niamh who is eight. It was filmed by the incredibly talented Rhys Davies. The video tells of a young mother coping with depression who runs away from the family home with her young daughter. He plans to release a further single at the end of the year and will continue to gig and keep his fingers crossed for that next big opportunity.”

SCOTT WATSON – Regrets [starts 21:55]
Scott Watson says “I’m a singer/songwriter from Middlesbrough. I produce my tracks in my loft in Linthorpe. I play everything myself but get help with the mixing and mastering of my tracks. Thanks to the internet I’ve had help from people in Austria, the Phillipines, Sweden and Middlesbrough…”

FENNE LILY – Top To Toe [starts 26:20]
“Being discouraged from watching TV as a child was integral to the development of Fenne Lily’s musicality, as instead much of her time was spent writing songs and honing both instrumental and lyrical skill. Her folk-tinged music is woven with integrity and sincerity; grit and soft understatement in equal measures.”

JOOSTVD – Chalky [starts 29:50]
Netherlands resident JoosTVD has the following to say about his song Chalky “What you hear is the song that opens the 2016 album Open Up My Parachute (release on 4th April 2016). Stream the full album here.

The track was inspired by TV’s Boardwalk Empire character Chalky White, who tries to survive the local gang fights. It’s a burst of restless energy I tried to put down in tightly arranged funk. It started as one of the first new songs for this album, inspired by the dense grooves of 1980s Remain In Light era Talking Heads, but headed totally elsewhere eventually. The working out of the arrangements took me almost a year before I was really satisfied. I am now! Check out this promo to find out more.”

SORORITY – Calimari [starts 33:30]
Sorority is Max Batten, Elliott Batten and Joe Kessler, the three best friends the world has ever seen, who also live together. They convene in Max’s bedroom to make, amongst other things, wonderful music. Their debut EP Live at the Drive is available on bandcamp now, and will be released on vinyl in August through Breakdown Press. Their first show will be on August 27th at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston.”

PENNILESS COVE – Tuesday [starts 36:49]
Penniless Cove perform gin soaked pop folk. Songs tangled in the city. Citing influences from Joanna Newsom and Dresden Dolls to Gorecki, they interweave gloriously intimate yet expansive production values with jazz sensibilities and pop hooks. Penniless Cove (named after a cobbled street in the seaside town of Tenby) is the brainchild of Welsh singer and songwriter Phoebe Osborne. Co-writing with her sister Chloe, they conjure up songs of debauchery, apathy, arguments and adventures spanning rural Wales and the big city. Phoebe’s mischievous vocals and fiery piano playing are matched on stage by the dynamic musicianship of her live band: Tom Fairbairn (bass/strings/vocals), Gail Babb (vocals) and Sam McEvoy (drums/percussion).

Following their EP Out On A Roof (2013), the band have recently returned from a successful tour of Germany (Nov-Dec 2015) and are touring in the UK leading up to the release of their first studio album Tipped Like Titanic on 6th July 2016.”

SAINT JAMES – Opposite [starts 39:26]
Saint James is a producer/artist from North London/Hertforshire. I come from a Live music background playing as a drummer though now find myself creating my own brand of music influenced by hip hop, sampling and life. I produce, write and record everything myself.”

SAMUEL FRANCIS – Better [starts 44:18]
Samuel Francis says of himself “I am an 18 year old music producer, writing and producing in a spare bedroom in Cheltenham. I aim to create beat-driven electronic music with an analogue, human quality to it.”

TROY FAID – What’s Good [starts 47:51]
“Over the next 8 or so months we’ll be recording a 4th album, the selected track is a demo of one of the more acoustic based songs, written and played on the Kora – a harp-like instrument of West African origin – by meself (Troy). A live take of one of the full band tracks can be viewed here should you wish to see it. Leading up to the album release in December will be a series of music videos of new tracks and a month long tour around Europe in November, in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. All UK bookings, recordings and releases are still handled independently, funded by the fees we make whilst touring in Europe. I’m currently working both solo and with a band, writing acoustic music, electronic music, lyrics, poetry, prose and short stories; the music is written and performed live on Guitars, Banjo, Kora, Piano and Mandolin, for anyone interested, visit my website and

SAM LEOH – Blue Sky [starts 51:56]
Sam Leoh: “I am an ambitious singer/songwriter and keen guitarist. My favourite styles of song involve catchy melodies, vivid imagery, and confessional lyrics. This is likely to be reflected in my songs. I have had airplay on BBC Radio Lancashire, Amazing Radio, and Salford City Radio, and I am currently developing my live performance skills by participating in various open mic night events. I like smiling :-)”

WREKIT88 (feat FAERYTALE) – Zero Degrees [starts 56:00]
“Neil and Chris are Wrekit88 and just love making music.  We write original pieces and also love doing remixes for people. We are currently working on two new remixes for singers from Bristol and Brighton whilst our friend and previous collaborator Vanessa Hopes from Australia is recording some vocals for one of our original pieces. Zero degrees is an original piece we wrote and had vocally realised for us by Lisa West aka Faerytale and we have to say that the haunting vocal she did led us to rewrite the whole musical backing we had originally created, great stuff as we love to be challenged.

As a vocalist and lyricist, Faerytale has collaborated with over 50 artists across the globe in a few years, broadening her genre bending reach. Starting only with vocal sketches posted on Soundcloud, she began to attract attention from seasoned artists . Likened to Kate Bush for her storytelling, theatrical vibe and musicality, she is also influenced by the sounds of Kronos Quartet, Radiohead and Ella Fitzgerald. Falling under a unique fusion of Jazz, Blues, Classical and Alternative genres, she continues to gain notoriety breaking free from traditional styles to create an experimental sound of her own. She lives in Texas, USA.”

Sam Leoh

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Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. Thanks Tom, it’s an honour to be on the list of the chosen ones!

  2. Wrekit88

    Just like my esteemed colleague JoosTVD It is indeed an honour to be hand picked / one of the “chosen” few:) Thanks again for the support.

  3. Eleanor

    Fantastic song by Dada: “Black Horse” is playing over and over in my head! Well done boys! Xx

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  5. Thanks for selecting my track Tom. It’s create to feature in a playlist with such talented artists.

  6. Delighted to be included on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape. Many thanks to everyone for their support and for the continued interest that Tom Robinson and his colleagues have for emerging artists.

    Congratulations to all the artists included on the Mixtape 🙂

  7. Big thanks to Tom and his amazing team for choosing my track “Fall To The Floor” to be part of the BBC Intro Mixtape! To be included on a playlist with such amazing talent is something I will cherish for years to come. Well done to everyone and please keep pushing yourselves to achieve those big dreams, I believe in you! 🙂

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