BBC Mixtape: 08 June 2015

The Landed


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 8th June at 2am.

THE LANDED – She [starts 00:28]
The Landed make classic, heart-on-sleeve, hooks by the bucket load, air-punching guitar pop. The new Single ‘She’ was released on the 25/5/15 and features on the new EP set for release on the 20/07/15. Coming Up – Essex University, summer ball – 06/06/15; EP Launch at The Bull, Colchester – 730pm on 27/06/15; Zed Music Cafe, Sevenoaks – 04/07/15″

ELLIE MAKES MUSIC – Core [starts 03:46]
“Described as sounding like a ‘Welsh Taylor Swift’ and ‘Laura Marling’s little sister’, Ellie Makes Music writes coming of age stories from the front-line of young life, with song topics ranging from depression and loneliness to empowerment and growing up. Since the release of her debut EP City Lights, Ellie has performed at the House of Commons in the company of Mark Radcliffe and Cerys Matthews, performed at Wakestock Festival, signed to Bounce Publishing and in 2014, her song Company was featured in the Peacocks Christmas advertising campaign. Her new single Core is available on iTunes now, and her second EP Are You Listening? will be available from July 13th.”

THE SIGHS OF MONSTERS – Jack [starts 07:53]
“We are a three-piece band from South London who spend most of our time in our studio crafting songs” say The Sighs Of Monsters. “We formed in mid-2013. With the release of our first album – Ground – we’re planning to play a series of live shows to promote it.”

STERGIN – I’m Gonna Take It All [starts 12:30]
“Austrian composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist Stergin has cemented his importance on London’s alt-pop meets alt-rock scene by way of various creative and increasingly bombastic video concepts. Stergin’s music is a universe of sound revolving around genres often prefaced by the word slacker. That’s not to say, however, that Stergin is anything but productive. Besides producing, doing film scores he’s released a ton of visual and audible goodies” according to Tiffany Daniels of Drunken Werewolf. “In his Monday Evening Bathroom Sessions he did covers of the #14 of the US Billboard Charts and turned newspaper articles into songs. Recently he teamed up with drummer Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers, Heritage Orchestra) and the two unleash a wild, rough and loud storm of riffs, hooks and melodies. They have just been in the studio to record new tracks and a live video which will be released in the coming weeks. You can catch them live on June 13th at The Water Rats in London.”

TESSERA SKIES – Out Of Sight [starts 15:48]
“Coming from collective backgrounds in speech, sound, science, classical and jazz, Tessera Skies create music that transcends multiple genres, blurring the lines between pop, ambient, and orchestral. Their new single, Out Of Sight, was released alongside B-Side Dreaming/Sleeping on 1st June via North Base Records in conjunction with Amazing Radio Co. Label Services. Out Of Sight is the follow-up to last year’s critically loved Droplet, which was described by Q as ‘gorgeous art-mospheric pop’ and prompted The Guardian to highlight them in their 6 North East bands to watch out for in 2015. ”

LEE LA LOA – Million Thoughts [starts 19:26]
Lee la Loa is a fresh musical project from Wroclaw (Poland) with strong roots and musical baggage of experience.To a team of four musicians joined the vocalist that her charisma and sense of aesthetics surrounding sounds, perfectly reached an agreement with producer of the band and thereby they created an alternative project, which is Lee la Loa.”
Fennel Seeds
FENNEL SEEDS – Under My Skin [starts 22:41]
“My name is Carwyn Ginsberg and I am Fennel Seeds. I like good music and try to create good music. I currently work alone but would love to get a group of musicians who I could play, write and perfect my sound with. Based in North Wales, plan on playing music full time. Happy days.”

CAJITA – Broken Glass [starts 24:52]
“I make ambient folk musiv” says Jay Chakravorty aka Cajita “using computers, instruments, voices and loop pedals. Then I travel around the world and play that music at people.”

DBH – New Anthem [starts 29:11]
DBH is Dan Bridgwood-Hill, who for some time has had a hand in an inordinate amount of the great music emerging from Manchester’s D.I.Y. scene. His guitar playing drives the exhilarating prog racket of NASDAQ and FTSE 100, and his contributions on all manner of instruments have illuminated the music of Charles Hayward (This Heat), Kiran Leonard and Irma Vep, to name but a few. As dbh, he plays lovingly crafted instrumentals, enunciating his passion for both folk and popular music with a languid guitar style and playful experimentation. He has recorded two albums, Mood (Thread Recordings, 2015) and Time Flies (Crowfoot Records, 2013). The track, Sea Retreat, was selected by Hayden Pedigo to appear on the seventh and most recent volume of Tompkins Square’s guitar series, Imaginational Anthem.”

THOSE UNFORTUNATES – Smile Like Malcolm [starts 31:56]
“A (fast) moving tribute to Malcolm McDowell, (star of If…, O Lucky Man and A Clockwork Orange), this is Those Unfortunates‘ second release on the Midnight Bell label and it’s available now as a free download from A full four track EP will be released on the eve of McDowell’s birthday, Friday 12th June and the band will be throwing a party in London in his honour. Those Unfortunates are a four piece band from all across of London. They wear herringbone coats and oxblood shoes without ever really managing to look rakish. Their songs aim for the wit and warmth of bands like The Kinks and Television Personalities. They are self-deprecating, for the most part, and self-contained. They sound harder than they sound.”

WE CAN FLY – Love Bombing [starts 34:32]
“We are a four piece band from the Dundee area…” say We Can Fly “…currently in the studio finishing off our 8-song album …with an extra hidden bonus track. Three other tracks (not Love Bombing) from the album have already had BBC airplay on Radio Scotland’s Tom Morton show, he seems to like our big (overproduced?) sound and even tried to compare us to early Funkadelic, which was a great boost for us, sadly he’s now retired due to ill health. We wish him well.”


ROADIDENDREN – The Empress’s New Clothes [starts 38:30]
“I am a young female rapper (Grime, HipHop, D&B) from London” says Roadidendren “with content a little bit different to the current crop of porn pop that’s usually expected. I would say I am a quite smart, opinionated different thinker which hopefully comes across in my music as I have a lot to say.”

KIERAN RAFFERTY – Neutral Tones [starts 41:17]
Kieran Rafferty is “a London-Irish songwriter whose new demo was recorded in his flat with an old Zoom drum-machine and some effects pedals. His most recent songs are about hot zombies, Victorian spite, polytechnic flings, paranoia at the Dundee publisher DC Thomson and the popular soft-drink Lilt. He is supporting Kathryn Williams on June 11th in Durham and supporting The Railway Club on August 7th in Newcastle.”

THE BOY I USED TO BE – Bruising [starts 45:25]
The Boy I Used to Be create sun drenched, joyous garage pop meets psych folk in the vein of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kurt Vile and earlier Cloud Nothings. The lo-fi trio from Portsmouth started as a one man bedroom project only in late 2013 and has already seen two EP releases on Pie & Vinyl Records and a release on a compilation on Strong Island Recordings. Bruising has been released as a T-Shirt with two track download code by Pie & Vinyl in Portsmouth following appearances at Great Escape and Common People Festival in May. Upcoming shows: 03/07 – Blissfields Festival.”

OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE – Improbable Cities [starts 47:44]
Outside Your House are a self-styled ‘barely rap’ duo from Durham City. Faithful Johannes is part spoken word poet, part folk singer, part laid-back rapper with an eye for detail. Sweet-singing Jonathan Swift‘s musical scrapbook of vinyl samples, live instruments and cut-up beats delivers the melancholy pop backdrop. On their latest release, The Ones That Left Town EP, they have crafted six singular tales of minor woe and nostalgia, covering topics such as choking alone on homemade bread, giant moth attacks, the unspoken comradery between acne sufferers and strange occurrences in the checkout queue. It was described by Louder Than War as ‘One EP you must own’. They are currently plotting their next release, and play live at the Head of Steam in Newcastle on 10th September at Shitwife’s album launch party.”

MARINA FLORANCE – Little Black Cloud [starts 51:03]
Marina Florance is a singer/songwriter, originally from London, now living in Norfolk. A distinctive singer with a style of her own, who has received comments such as ‘She has a voice like chocolate’ (Sue Marchant BBC Radio). Little Black Cloud is a song written by Marina Florance and Julie Fox Allen, recorded and produced by Marina at home, it’s a song about trying to look on the bright side of life. Little Black Cloud will be released as part of an album later in 2015. Marina has gigs coming up around the UK from Pembrokeshire to Cheshire and will be performing at The London Folk and Roots Festival in November.”

PRINTS JACKSON – A Could Life [starts 54:49]
“I am Prints Jackson and the Prints Jackson Project is simple: one free song, every month, til the day I die.” A Could Life is, we estimate, Song 15 in this ongoing project.

DREW MILLER – Schadenfreude [starts 57:50]
Drew Miller is a peddler, appreciator and creator of eclectic electronic sounds, due to an early midlife crisis 2015 has him more musically obsessed than ever, up until daft o’clock knob-twiddling most nights. His first release in 21 years, Gamma Ray Burst EP is out now on Poll Morris’s Sunstate Records. He has a collab track with pal and fellow Techno Obsessive Fractal Architect, The Shuffle, out on PHW Elements on 17th June and two tracks, BiPolar and Rythme Cardiaque, out on Benwaa’s Gibbon Records in October.”
Marina Florance
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