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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 25th Jan (technically 2am on Monday, 26th Jan 2015…)

OFFICER – The Waters [starts 0:17]
Officer is the moniker for the new unsigned indie soundscape solo artist, David Logan under which he performs, writes, records and tours. Logan is originally from Glasgow, grew up in Northern Ireland and is currently based in London. He writes and records on his own but also collaborating with different collectives of musicians and producers as he needs to in order to achieve the sounds he’s chasing for his songs. Officer spent 2014 DIY touring around Europe and writing his debut album. It’s a powerful yet intimate sweeping 12-track album entitled Myriads and The Waters is the lead single. The Waters will be released for download on 2nd Feb and will be followed by a couple more singles before the album release in May. Officer is currently making videos for the singles and putting together plans for touring again from the middle of the year in support of the release.

OWEN DUFF – Hard Times Coming [starts 4:00]
Northern-Ireland born, London-resident Owen Duff sings, plays piano, guitar, ukulele and drums; writes, records, produces and makes videos.

ACRE TARN – Wishing Bone [starts 06:17]
An artistic deliverance based upon a mutual fascination with the innovative and potential of artistic exploration… Acre Tarn is born from the fiery embers of past experiences, bound together with an unnerving love for the innovative and beautiful. The release of debut EP Clasp & Shake in September 2014 was the beginning of an exciting collaborative stride and one which gathers pace with every new idea. This year sees the project morphing and shaping into new horizons, playing shows, travelling to caves and other wild locations to record samples, and an album in the making.

POTENT WHISPER – Just Wondering (Ft. FLOETIC LARA) [starts 10:47]
Potent Whisper is a London-based rapper and playwright primarily reputed for making music that affirms the messages of love, hope and unity. The BRIT School graduate recently released his free project Love: The Mixtape ft. Rebel MC aka Congo Natty and has performed at festivals in Sudan, Senegal, France and Belgium over the past two years. Potent Whisper is currently developing three EPs spanning across Hip Hop, Pop and heavy-bass Club music (with Alabama3 and Dudley Perkins already confirmed features). All music and film can be found at

GITTA DE RIDDER – Come Find Me [starts 14:03]
Gitta de Ridder was born in The Netherlands and was crazy about music and the English language from a very young age, starting to write songs in English at age 12. She left her parents’ home to study music at 19; the start of a journey that took her from the Netherlands to Germany, Italy, Greece and Ireland to the UK where she has made her home in London since 2008. Spending several years in different bands she re-found her roots of playing solo with her acoustic guitar early 2014. The Dutch songstress’s debut EP released in January 2015 with single Come Find Me is one full of raw emotion, warmth and character setting the tone for what’s to come.

INDIA MILL – Way To Fall [starts 17:40]
In an era defined by “theme” bands intent on trying to recreate whichever moment in time they missed, India Mill, from Darwen in Lancashire, choose to anchor their music in the inspiration of the historical tradition of guitar music rather than tread the waters of nostalgia. Whilst this may make the work of the modern music journalist slightly harder, the band are serious contenders in their ability to create a new take on the forward-looking alternative rock with their leftfield, individual approach and everyman appeal. Debut album Under Every Sky was released in late November 2014. Singer/bass-player Al Smith with Dean Ingham on drums, Si Nicholson and Chris Coates on guitars are gaining a reputation as one of the North West’s most exciting emerging live acts. Upcoming gig: 4th Feb; BBC Introducing in Lancashire show at The Ferret in Preston.

BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA – Wish List [starts 21:27]
Battery Operated Orchestra (or BOO) are the husband-and-wife DIY electronic duo of Brigitte Sutherland from Hobart and Chris Blackburn from Glasgow and they are proud purveyors of irony-free synthpop. They have just released their debut album Incomplete Until Broken on Bandcamp, bursting with vintage analog electro-pop, theremin-washed soundscapes and throbbing, luminescent tinfoil drums Physical copies of this CD and two EPs are made by hand using an array of analog effects including glow in the dark, coloured acetate and persistence of vision animations. BOO also make all their own videos. Wish List will have a physical release within the week with remixes, a B-side and a Tshirt.

COVE HITHE – Comma Coma [starts 25:16]
Cove Hithe In Three Easy Pieces
1. Diving out of the son of a previous incantation, Cove Hithe fly out of the far East (Suffolk County) and come hither to redefine the close-formation sighing in mere seconds, if not thirds and fifths.
2. Barely an instrument touches their sides, they are young, free and singled out; two people (sometimes three) hitting, plucking, bowing and sighing, often at the same time.
3. They are the last gasps of a dying battery, the lost TV remote control, the unidentified item in the bagging area, the exact change. That is exactly what they sound like. The distant call of of “Cashier number 5 please” – you can inspect the expected, being Nun The Wiser.

SPILL – Orbit [starts 27:30]
Spill is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Portsmouth who creates simple, percussive, electronic music influenced by the likes of Radiohead (in particular Thom Yorke and his brilliant sense of rhythm), Bonobo and SBTRKT, to name a few. Although the first EP was almost entirely produced utilizing soft synths as opposed to live or sampled instruments, and was therefore very much “electronic” sounding, the second is shaping up to be much more organic, featuring some double bass and flute as lead instruments, and more acoustic drums. Spill EP 2 will also feature several singers, something I’m very excited about.

RED KITES – Salt Water (Radio Edit) [starts 30:48]
“Balancing emotive songwriting with raw celtic-tinged alt-rock, Red Kites‘ unrestrained creativity lends a refreshing edge to their take on modern rock music. Although the band met in Guildford, their roots began in The Highlands of Scotland, where many of the songs were written. Inverness remains the band’s second home, and they frequently return north to tour venues across Scotland. Their strongest single yet, Salt Water, was released in December 2014 and reached no.19 in the iTunes rock charts. Their third EP is due early this year and 2015 promises to be the band’s biggest year yet”

MATT STOCKL – Consonant Please [starts 34:25]
“I’m an unsigned singer-songwriter type from the Scottish highlands, currently based in Windsor”, says Mattt Stockl. “I play folk-leaning acoustic music and cheat on demos by adding electronic elements. I’ve gigged regularly since 2006 from London to the north coast of Scotland and released several EPs recorded in various living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.”

SUPERFICIALS – Seize The Day [starts 37:36]
Superficials are a Indie Rock band from South Birmingham in the UK. After extensive giging in the Birmingham area – including a number of headline slots at The O2 Academy 3 – promoting their 2014 EP Literally makes no sense, they’re taking a small breather to write new material for the new year. The band blends elements of Indie and Alternative Rock into exciting new music. Their influences such as The Stone Roses, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Kasabian can be heard in the foundations of their songs. However, their music offers so much more, with lyrics that are wistful, studious, and insightful the Superficials are not your average Indie-Rock band. Do you want to be superficial, or do you want to be a Superficial?”

NEUTRONIC – Closer [starts 40:33]
Neutronic is a downtempo indie pop duo from Chester. Inspired by acts like The XX, London Grammar and Lapsley, Paul and Iuliana provide contrasting male/female vocals (UK/Romania accents) that unite over an understated, atmospheric backdrop. First single Closer was released on 5 January with more singles planned later in the year.”

DANDAN – The Gardener [starts 44:18]
The Gardener is taken from the album This Great Nakedness, created by DanDan – aka singer/songwriter Daniel Tissingh, producer/engineer Daniel Moyler and many other collaborators. This is a collection of songs that share our common stories – our losses, our glories, the symphonies and the tragedies that bring us to our knees. As well as two love songs for the countries Spain and Senegal. Download the free single The Gardener and buy the rest of the album from – released 5th January 2015.

VOES – Giants [starts 46:56]
Voes are a three piece band from South Wales. Inspired by bands/artists such as Chvrches, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and Rhodes we began writing original material in August 2014 and became Voes in November that year. Writing and recording sessions for our first EP took place in a small studio set up in Philip’s house and the finishing touches at Ekho Studios, Cardiff Bay. We received radio support for our first single Giants on BBC Radio Wales and NationRadio.. We plan on releasing our first EP Let Me Stay around March. Already back in the studio working on EP 2 and constantly developing our live set, we are set on keeping our workflow high to develop good foundations in 2015.

GORDON DUTHIE – Whisky Disko [starts 50:35]
Gordon Duthie is a music artist from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Duthie’s musical style would probably be classed as “alternative” but he prefers to not abide by the standard musical genres and his musical ideas come from a huge variety of inspirations and sounds. He is always looking to improve the quality, breadth and production of his work and his latest album “Thran” combines vocals, drums and pounding bass lines in an up-tempo mix of styles and instruments.

SAM GARBETT – X by Ex [starts 53:24]
Sam Garbett brings forward a fresh, invigorating sound to the pop/indie scene. With influences from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975 and La Roux, he mixes energising drum beats seamlessly into riddling guitar riffs and synthesiser-heavy chords. His aim is always to have his music give a feel-good factor and to create an upbeat aura with catchy melodies that people can’t get out of their heads. He’s currently working on a set of weekly Youtube videos known as the Studio Sessions in which he brings his sound down to an extremely exposed, live variation, as well as shows at various venues. He’s hoping to take his career to new heights this year, all whilst preparing for university at the age of nineteen.
Sam Garbett

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