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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net together with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 3rd Nov (technically 2am on Monday, 10th Nov 2014…)

MEMORY CLINIC – Gentle Neglect [starts 00:26]
Memory Clinic are a band from North Wales consisting of Phillip Burrows: vocals/guitar, Dafydd Williams: guitar, Alex Morrison: bass, and Sam Roberts on drums. This is their brand new single available direct from their Bandcamp page.

SHELLSUIT – Level Sands [starts 03:47]
Longstanding favourites of 6 Music Introducing Shellsuit consist of Ed Doherty on vocals and Lee Scanlan on guitar and vocals. Their first album, Walton Prison Blues, is rightly considered a cult classic while their newly released album Wednesday Morning Bootle Strand has – we’re told – been eagerly awaited by Liverpool’s music lovers. Yes indeed, and not just by them. But next time you’re planning to unleash work of this quality on an unsuspecting world, do us a favour fellas and give your old mates in the media a bit of advance warning rather than springing it on us out of the blue like this 🙂

ANIMAL NOISE – Alright [starts 06:52]
Reviewing Fresh Faves Batch 126 recently Phil Meadley wrote: Colchester three-piece Animal Noise say that the music they create is “formed of bruised, beaten and battered acoustic dance”. On this track I can’t hear dance, or even bruised and battered, but I can hear Jose Gonzalez – someone who they compare themselves to in their Facebook biog. There is certainly a strong acoustic guitar bent to their understated ruminations. I like the melancholic quality of the playing and vocals of Josh and Birdy; a slight Wild Beasts thing going on there. There’s also a nice stopgap animation video that accompanies this tune. It’s a grower.

CARA WINTER – Peter And The Whale [starts 10:12]
Cara Winter is a singer/songwriter/pianist from Cambridge. She has recently finished her third album Do You Have A Heart, a collaborative project with cellist and string arranger Nicholas Cooper (Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Goldfrapp), and is currently recording album number 4 which will be available Summer 2015.

[starts 14:14]
Artist, guitarist, composer Ricky Sharma aka RickyonGuitar is no stranger to the industry, having already performed alongside McLean, Professor Green, DJ Ironik & Hil St Soul and has played at Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and BT London Live at Olympics 2012. Now he is stepping out of the shadows and releasing his first single The Rise featuring the talented Life White on vocals and good friend of Fresh On The Net the exceptional rapper ShaoDow – who recently blogged for us about his DiYGang Ethos. The Rise brings out a very Santana-esque performance from RickyonGuitar.

THE COUNT OF CHATEAU NOIR – How I Wrote The Song [starts 18:20]
Paul Hawkins is the singer and song-writer of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences. The Count of Chateau started out as a solo project to write songs inspired by English folktales. However he soon recruited co-vocalists Felix Hunt and Mary Boe and expanded his remit somewhat. The Count of Chateau Noir is the result of the collaboration…
Dooley And The Dog
DOOLEY & THE DOG – Do You Like My Music [starts 21:39]
An all female 4-piece from the UK, France and Germany. Stevie-Jo Dooley began studying double bass at the age of 7 and by 18 had released two EPs under her name. This material was played live with 2013 festival performances at Glastonbury, Keynsham, Sunrise, Frome and Bristol Harbourside. In March 2014 she participated in a tour of France, Switzerland and Germany with SOFIA (Support of Female Improvising Artists). It was through this European project that Stevie-Jo met Carla Gaudré (France) and Imogen Gleichauf (Germany). Dooley and the Dog is the resulting collaboration – its name stemming from a dream that every one of the band members simultaneously had one night. Their debut album, engineered by Jim Barr from Portishead and due to be released on Nov 16.

RUFFHIGHS – Kadabada [starts 24:47]
RuffHighs is producer Ian Knowles from the Wirral UK. Ian is currently debuting his first set of tracks which will be released in the New Year. Initial offering A Little Monster Story EP includes Kadabada which is a loose abrieviation of “Kicking Da Bass Drum” and new tracks Play With Me and Hi 5 along with 2 others as yet untitled. Aside from the obvious inspirations from the Electronic Dance Music world he also draws inspiration from sources such as games, film, classical and his parrots. Ruff favours the juxtaposition of innocent sounds twisted with dirty bass heavy grooves. The RUFFHIGHS name comes from his fear of flying or was it down to the fact he enjoys climbing mountains or a bad experience on un-named substances (which he does not condone), or all the above…

THOMAS MCCONNELL – Crocodile [starts 27:09]
Thomas McConnell‘s eclectic sound is influenced by Rock/Pop of the 20th century in particular, Paul McCartney. He plays all his own instruments, writes and arranges every part on recordings. Mojo Magazine featured Thomas & Ian McNabb’s cover of The Beatles’, All I’ve Got To Do in their August 2013 issue. A video of Thomas performing Paul McCartney’s New was shared by Paul himself on his official Facebook and Twitter pages. He has just released his new single, Crocodile with B-side Please Don’t Slow Me Down. Watch the video here

NICK TANN – Never Did Me Harm [starts 29:49]
“I’m a full time singer/songwriter, acoustic guitarist and session bass player” says Nick Tann.” I was born and raised in London, now living in Eastleigh near Southampton on the south coast of the UK. When I was two years old my dad made me a guitar by taking the rubber cover of a table tennis bat and drew strings on it in biro: I never looked back!”

ZA SONIC – Eggs [starts 33:01]
Za Sonic is the solo project of Laurie Turgel, based in Carmarthen in South Wales. Laurie has MCed in live bands such as Freshold , Dangerface , and Hip HQ and is part of Spitting Feathers a Welsh-based Hip Hop collective. The EP is downloadable for free from his Bandcamp page.

THE BIG SUN – Bloody Mary [starts 36:25]
We asked The Big Sun for a brief paragraph about themselves for our tracklistings. They replied “when Daft Punk released Random Access Memories critics said it sounded like a million dollars. Daft Punk replied that it cost slightly more than that to make. Berry’s revisit to 1990’s disco cost £1.59 (two AA batteries) to make. Who’s laughing now Daft Punk? ……probably you, but who can tell with the helmets n’ stuff.”

TERRY NAYLOR – Autumnal [starts 40:13]
“I am a Northern UK songwriter” says Terry Naylor. “I write a lot of stuff in a wide variety of styles and record at home, now that technology and affordability has caught up with my ambitions. About to get out of the bedroom and into the live arena this Autumn doing some acoustic sets and with a band.”

CAPTAIN WILBERFORCE – Good Times You Said [starts 42:50]
It is a truth universally acknowledged that bands outstay their creative welcome, distracted by the gaudy excesses of fame and fortune, so how lucky we are that Captain Wilberforce, with his new Distance E.P. has never encountered such a fate. Leeds’ most tenacious purveyor of idiosyncratic alt-pop refuses to bow to the current 80’s zeitgeist, (having already suffered it first-hand the first time round), and instead look to classic songwriters like Mssrs Bowie, Costello and Bacharach – as well as their more recent counterparts Guy Garvey and Sufjan Stevans – to inspire timeless, cultured tunes that ear-worm their way into your life.

HEAD OF LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT – Snapping [starts 46:57]
Head Of Light Entertainment are four pop obsessed surly surrealists from North East England (Teesside to be precise), who specialise in melodic, literate, off-beat pop music. Around in current quartet format since 2012, the band have released two well received albums, and are set to deliver their third (and best!) in Spring next year – Snapping definitely one of the key tracks. H.O.L.E. have had a rather fine 2014 festival season (Willowman Festival, North Yorkshire, Twisterella Fest, Middlesbrough and (NARC Fest, Newcastle). They’ve also found time to indulge their passion for making low budget art-house style videos, their latest being the suitably strange Get Well Reasonably Soon (below) which hit YouTube this summer.

JOE BONE & THE DARK VIBES – Voodoo Blood [starts 50:10]
Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes are a 7-piece alternative rock band based in Glasgow. The band consists of drums, guitar, backing vocs, bass, saxophone, keyboards & lead vocs. We have 2 headlining shows coming up in Audio Glasgow on Fri 14th Nov & Cobra Club Dunfermline Fri 19th Dec.

THE THYME MACHINE – The Amateur Taxidermist’s Bird [starts 53:19]
The Thyme Machine is a Lo-Fi Surf Indiepop Glam band from Lancaster fronted by a man in a leopard suit called Kriss Foster who is joined on stage by Tom Diffenthal, Paul Dobson and Jeremy Procter. .They sing songs about taxidermy, stationery and Hayley and Roy from Coronation Street. They are champions of niche pleasures, like going into the supermarket near your birthday, picking up a yogurt and realising that the sell by date is your birthday. Last Summer they played at the Indietracks festival. Together since 2010 they have released four Eps and two albums. The Amateur Taxidermist’s Bird is from their double album, Top and Tail with The Thyme Machine. They are currently recording a third album called Going Steady With The Thyme Machine” due for release in 2015. Last month they released a single on floppy disc. They have sold fourteen copies. The Thyme Machine have just recorded a Christmas single for the Cherryade records compilation and also two songs for the small French indie label, Beko Disques.

MIKE VASS – Heave And Roll [starts 55:05]
Mike Vass is a musician and composer based in Glasgow. Heave and Roll is taken from his October 2014 release In the wake of Neil Gunn. Inspired by a sailing trip around Scotland’s west coast, retracing a route sailed by Scottish author Neil Gunn in 1937, musician/composer Mike Vass’s new work integrates traditional, classical and electronic elements evoking the moods of the sea, weather and landscape. Heave and Roll features Euan Burton on Double Bass. Mike will perform In the wake of Neil Gunn’with a nine piece band at Glasgow’s winter festival Celtic Connections on the 21st January.
ARTISTS: Important Warning…
At least one PR company sends out an identical email to every single artist who appears on The BBC Introducing Mixtape. Typically it says:

“Heard YOURNAMEHERE on BANDCAMP/SOUNDCLOUD/YOUTUBE and thought THEIR/HER/YOUR tracks sounded great. If you have any Album or Single releases coming up that you need Press / Radio / Online promotion for please let us know, and we will be happy to submit a promotional proposal. We have an eclectic team and work with INDIE / ALTERNATIVE / ELECTRONIC / LEFTFIELD / POP & URBAN releases.”

Please be aware you’re NOT receiving this proposal because the company think you in particular “sound great”: everyone else on the mixtape gets an identical proposal, every week. The usual email goes on to state that “PREVIOUS CLIENTS HAVE INCLUDED…” and list a lot of big international names from the late 90s and mid-noughties. The Radio Plugging section of that particular company’s website has the cheek to list BBC 6 Music and Radio 1 as “proud associates”. The BBC is emphatically not the “associate” of any promotion company – proud or otherwise.
Proud Associates

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