BBC Mixtape: 16 Mar 2015

Able Archer


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All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 8th March (technically 2am on Monday, 9th March 2015…)

ABLE ARCHER – Ghostmaker [starts 00:17]
“Dublin rock band Able Archer were born in early 2012 out of the ashes of bands that had graced the Irish music scene for almost 10 years. Their critically acclaimed debut Bullets was released in 2013 and drew comparisons to the likes Soundgarden and Depeche Mode. Eager not to be easily pigeon holed, Able Archer returned in 2014 with their diverse second EP, The Trouble with Strangers exploring new territories with their explosive new single Ghostmaker. Looking to swifty build on momentum, the band will be returning soon with the darkly tinged electronic pop single The Warden followed by a tour of the UK & Ireland this summer.”

OSP x BOX ROOM – Message (clean) [starts 03:43]
“We are a Hip Hop collective called OSP (Only Speak Positive) and one of our main aims is to bring the positivity back to Hip Hop. Collectively OSP have well over 20 years of experience in writing, producing, recording and performing. We love to tell stories and give the people a positive message with every song that we do. Our sound brings together the message of Bob Marley and the energy of the civil rights activists of the 1960s. Our members include Esa Kwame, Silqe, J Blackz and Dj Subject. We have recently had our songs played on the BBC Introducing show in Berkshire, Radio 1Xtra and Croydon Radio. We have been gigging frequently in the Reading and Berkshire area and we have a few gigs coming up over the summer, including Basingstoke Live and other festivals that are in the pipeline. We are currently in the studio working on our first project together and have a huge catalogue of music which we hope to put out in the very near future.”

BATHYMETRY – Goblin Fruit [starts 07:17]
Bathymetry is a three piece based in the Northwest. I’m Ariel, guitarist + vocalist and live in Liverpool. I moved here about two years ago from Richland, WA (USA) then through a series of want ads and kismet we found each other. Dave, on the drums, is from Carlisle and currently lives in Manchester. Emily, bass + vocals is in Warrington. We do a lot of travelling. In February we opened for The Jesus and Mary Chain in Liverpool for their Psychocandy tour. It was a great show and a real honour to share a stage with them. Currently we are preparing to record our first album here in Liverpool this month. We anticipate a summer release!”

SAM PARSONS – Storm [starts 13:02]
“Based in beautiful North Wales, Sam Parsons writes and performs original music on acoustic guitar. Influenced by artists such as John Martin, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez and Ali Farka Toure, Sam plays his own individual style of open-tuned folk/blues mixed in with percussive guitar playing. Last year Sam collaborated with a talented drummer and bass player; Mike McMahon and Josh Payne, to record his latest EP, Premonitions, which was released on 23rd February 2015 on Welsh indie label Recordiau Mwg (Mwg Records). Sam was featured as Welsh Artist of the Week on BBC Radio Wales that week and the track All Night was played every day. Sam is supporting the release with performances in his local area leading up to an appearance at this year’s Focus Wales festival in Wrexham on 24th April. Sam has also started writing new music for his next record.”

Kosmemophobia (Come With Me)
[starts 15:47]
Hailing from the very edge of the Black Country in Stourbridge under the shadow of post-everything Birmingham, Domesday Outfit comprises one man, 29 year old Adam Lamb. After nine years in a Leeds haze, Adam returned in the infancy of 2015 to his home ground with a head full of ideas, focus and an utter lack of company. Adam writes, performs and produces his tracks in his own basic studio, alone. Drawing influence from fuzzed out garage rock to north african desert blues to rave culture to psych. There’s a broad yet cohesive scope in his recordings. After a few select solo appearances, follow his actions on the ‘net to keep abreast of Domesday Outfit’s first full band live shows in the coming month.”
AAYUSHI – Diamond Children [starts 18:41]
Aayushi is an 18 year-old musician from Walsall. Interested in music from an early age, she learnt the keyboard and began to write her own songs at around 15. Now also accompanied by an acoustic guitar, and inspired by artists such as Conor Oberst and Daughter, her music is pure and soulful, gently melancholy, yet powerful in its emotional honesty.”

The Modern Mephistopheles
[starts 21:58]
“The 19th century taking its revenge on the 21st… The Blood Tub Orchestra are a a motley (as in the original meaning of rather blotchy) London based musical rabble (as in Websters definition of ‘ordinary or common people who do not have a lot of money, power, or social status’ or ‘a large group of loud people who could become violent.’) busy restoring songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, dragging up evil smelling offerings from demolished music halls, deconsecrated chapels and boarded up public houses.”

ORGANISED SCUM – Baby, You’re An Actant [starts 25:23]
Organised Scum are on a mission, and that mission is to put more joy into the world: anyway, anyhow, be it an engaging recipe for Tarka Dahl or a challenging collage. Most of the time, though, it involves making music, sweet shambolic music, with the sorely needed help of Dan Fallon and the production nous of Ed ‘Zugzwang’ Treacy. Their new EP Ill Discipline will be released on 5th April 2015 – visit their Bandcamp to pre-order a copy”.

VOLCANOES – My Nemesis [starts 28:18]
Volcanoes dwell in the musical ether between Leeds and Sheffield, wiggling their toes into both scenes and sprinkling in some fairy dust of their own. Volcanoes have two singer/songwriters each with short attentions, huge imaginations and completely different musical tastes. It’s clear that Volcanoes have a certain affinity to the chaos around them, there’s a darkness behind their melodic charm, it’s there if you listen. Volcanoes are currently working on a follow-up EP, Annex, to their debut LP Radiogeist.”

THE DANSE SOCIETY – If I Were Jesus [starts 31:16]
“Reborn from the ashes of the past in 1980, The Danse Society reformed in 2011 with fresh new female vocalist Maethelyiah replacing missing singer Steve Rawlings. After headlining festivals like Whitby Gothic Weekend and Wave Gotik Treffen, the band are due this year to headline the prestigious international SCI FI Festival and the Calvert Stock Festival with Bay City Rollers. More dates are being announced on the official website, along with the new album soon to be released. The new single is obtaining really good reviews and being aired in many radios around the globe, placing it at among the best tracks of 2014 –  even the mighty Rusty Egan loves it to bits!” See video:

PETER DARLING – Vermilion Bay [starts 35:21]
Peter Darling is a singer-songwriter based in Leeds. His latest project is the Mary Lou EP, due to be released on Monday 6 April. The EP is centred around the death of Mary Lou Fontenot in Louisiana in 2010. Mary Lou mixes influences from American folk artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes, to European choral chants, to field recordings of Mississippi prisoners from the 1940s. To hear the whole EP, please visit Peter’s Bandcamp page.”

HUSK. – Set Some Roots [starts 39:24]
“Hi, I’m husk., an electronic evangelist whose past 6 months have been spent on someone else’s living room floor penning, recording and arming my new EP BAM! BOO! with hearty measures of analog synth on a bed of programming alchemy. Available as free SoundCloud downloads! The 5-track-EP provides a rustic charm to warm you, offers a home of hot Electro-Pop stock! Imagine the 3-minute Pop song electronically charged to fuel the slapping snares and nothing less than a f**cking catchy hook. Everytime. ‘Though it’s Pop at its core, I always like my music to be alive and dynamic; I didn’t want to create something that had the life crushed out of it but I still want it to be firmly stuck in your head, making you annoy everyone you know because you can’t stop singing it! My favourite track is ”Set Some Roots’. Lyrically, it sums up what I’m trying to say: I may be small, have a very tiny synth and produced this whole thing in a living room, but it’s BIG! Musically, its kick hits you in the face but you can’t get enough and it has a melody that has everyone bobbing! With it’s CHVRCHES stylings, it offers some insight into my life as a transman out in the world, displaying my ambiguous vocal tone, a result of testosterone, giving a unique and irnoically un-husk.-y voice.”

FEATHERWEST – People In The Station [starts 42:41]
Featherwest is a group of experienced musicians based in Glasgow. We combine electronic and acoustic elements to create an energetic yet ambient sound with minimal beats at the bottom and floating harmonies at the top. We will be headlining on Thursday 28th May for the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh and playing at Kelburn Festival in July. Please get in touch with us directly to find out about small, secret gigs across central Scotland.”

Sister Wanzala - click to zoom image in new windowSISTER WANZALA – Bad Brains [starts 46:48]
“My name is Patrick and along with my younger twin brothers I play in a tiny band called Sister Wanzala. We make cold funk. We were raised on Ilkley Moor by the improbable union of Ian Curtis and Chaka Khan. I grunt about drunks in diamond mines, defenceless relationships and the follies and foibles inherent in being “half-black” yet being in possession of neither a big, nor a “half-big”, reproductive organ. I hope these blunt narratives resonate with an audience beyond my brothers. However, I am prepared for the possibility that people will think I’m as mad as a whooping-sack-of-pint-sized-randy-Noel Gallagher’s and abstain from listening altogether. We shall be playing at the Old Queens Head in Londonononon on April 15th – we’re going to announce it on Monday. We say “announce” like people care, but we are under no illusions, people do not care. You can enjoy our slightly jaundiced racket here. Much love, Patrick. PS I will be honest with you, I’ve spent all day in a polo neck jumper, drinking sprite hurling our song at every email address I can get my filthy hands on. So do not under any circumstances feel special.”

BUG PRENTICE – Nicholas Ray [starts 50:03]
Bug Prentice is an art-rock / post-punk trio based in Oxford and London. They are led by Ally Craig, whose distinctive voice and unique guitar technique helped him to make his name as a solo artist on the Oxfordshire music scene. He is joined by bassist Ruth Goller (Melt Yourself Down / Let Spin) and drummer Stephen Gilchrist (Scaramanga Six / Local Girls). Their new double A-side download single, Nicholas Ray / Spoons, will be released in March 2015. It is taken from the forthcoming album, The Way It Crumbles.”

U.G. – Coming Of Age In Britain [starts 53:23]
Coming Of Age In Britain is the first single from U.G’s debut the album Dubs Of The Mad Skint And British Pt.1 – Problems, out in April. This will be followed by Pt.2 -Solutions later this year. The album is an eclectic mix of genres derived from different dub plates or selections of music that come from a British perspective. The lyrics are a gritty commentary of working class Britain and overthrowin corporations.Each track is based on a different problem loosely.U.G is a singer/rapper songwriter and producer from Leicester, East Midlands UK, who started writting poetry at 13 and grew from there. His style is reminiscent of The streets, Plan B and Dizzee Rascal with sometimes an overly English articulate delivery. U.G already has many albums planned and many finished. His debut album will be availiable on itunes and all good internet stores and there will be a free EP out soon as well on soundcloud.

U.G. - click to zoom image in new window

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  1. Many thanks for featuring The Danse Society in your Mixtape. I am enjoying the other artists as well. Interesting mix and match of different sounds an styles. Keep up with the good work Tom.

  2. James Maule

    How ace is My Nemesis? Perfect music to build a two-storey extension to!

  3. mark v

    Dear Tom, thanks for playing The Danse Societys single, If I were Jesus….its a great song !! Great radio show too !

  4. Lee M

    Great to hear that new music by The Danse Society is being played, it’s certainly worth a few moments of anyone’s time and for it to be on this mixtape and reaching more ears is truly awesome. Nice one, Tom 🙂

  5. Helen Birmingham

    What great taste you have Tom, featuring The Danse Society in your tape. Maethelyiah is ‘all woman’ – sexy, sassy and with such a powerful and beautiful voice. More please!!

  6. Wow! BBC Radio 6! We like the idea of “mixedtape” tunes. As lovers of postpunk music, it’s great to see The Danse Society being amongst the choice of this week’s handpicked features being featured here. Their “If I were Jesus” is our current favourite track by them – possibly the best song in their current lineup indeed. Exciting times for the old-school Dansers!!! Best Wishes, Spider

  7. Never

    I’m in love with ‘If I were Jesus’!
    Great sound and mood, and the singer is a goddess <3
    Good work!

  8. Tom

    The thing is, pester power really doesn’t work – see I already think the tune in question is a decent record and have already given it a repeat play on my Saturday night show. Any band only needs about 10 friends on Facebook to “spontaneously” blitz this blog with gratuitous comments about how much they like a particular record. When this happens, does it show the band in a good light or make further airplay more likely? Not as such.

  9. Hi Tom,

    I am perfectly aware of that and I hope you don’t mind me to give a little explanation. We posted this link on our website with 11k hits a month and Faebook page with 4500 likes and it’s normal to have someone wishing to comment.
    We also had new likes thanks to Mixtape as someone has messaged us.
    It’s not an excessive amount of people happy to comment here, considering the numbers above.
    Sorry if this has been misunderstood.

  10. Daniel

    A wonderful tape, particularly loved Aayushi and Peter Darling. And a refreshing closing track, too.

    Most weeks there’ll be a few tracks I choose to skip over, but this time, I even enjoyed the songs whose style I’m not usually into at all. Brilliant work by all the artists, and you guys for the selection!

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