BBC Mixtape: 12 Dec 2016

Jenni Noyes

This week’s free downloadable BBC Introducing Mixtape features tunes from the BBC Introducing Uploader by .IMP, JENNI NOYES, BIRDS OF HELL, MEURSAULT, ROE, WILL RIDING, SUGARCOAT+THE PYLON KING, SUBMARINES, I SAID YES, THE BALKAN WANDERERS, JAWHOLE, RXC, WILL HESSEY, RM DALY and SQUIER SQUIER handpicked by Tom Robinson.

The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and track start times are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with info about the music provided by the artists.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader – some recommended to me by BBC colleagues while the rest are chosen from submissions to our Fresh On The Net inbox. Click here for more info – artists please also see the request at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 12th December at 2am.

.IMP – Sex and Power [starts 00:17]
.imp is James Hargreaves, Ash Milton, Al Smith, Jan Vincent Valesco, Emma Palmer, Tom Horne, Steve Thompson and Angel Sanchez. What started with James writing a joke song about a nutter called Eddie (it’s in the vaults!), gained legs when a decent producer got hold of it and the track was subsequently used on a Buzzfeed internet article, gaining over 14 million YouTube hits. From there James started to write and record more meaningfully, pulling in friends to play parts or instruments where needed and after about a year it looked like we had an album.

It’s primarily a recording project to be digitally released. But if a platform such as this generates any interest – the next phase would be to get into a rehearsal room and start playing the songs live.”

JENNI NOYES – Alone On The Moon [starts 03:50]
“Brought up in a musical family, Jenni Noyes found refuge in singing and playing guitar at an early age. After many committed years of working as a mental health nurse by day, and musician by night, at the end of 2012 she made the decision to pursue her dream of a career as an artist. The new journey brought challenges around self esteem, beliefs and values, so Jenni launched an artist values campaign bringing together local female singer-song writers in the Leeds community to talk about the difficulties faced in isolation. Following on from the Artist’s Values project, Jenni produced and delivered a media campaign in connection with a successfully funded Kickstarter to finance the recording and production of her Debut Album Alone on the Moon, released in July. Mixed by Dom Howard of Submotion Orchestra and co-produced at Ruckspin studios, Alone on the Moon is a self penned solo acoustic album available now as a digital download on Bandcamp.”

DA CURE – Guns Away (Ft Blu) [starts 09:03]
“Guns Away is the closing track on Oxford artist Da Cure‘s  forthcoming album Brag About Rap, due out in Jan.”

BIRDS OF HELL – Spiderman‘s Let Himself Go [starts 12:48]
Birds of Hell is Pete Murdoch. Using guitars, vocoder and tape recordings of
dead relatives, he’s rendered songs on being eaten by snakes, dogging and unflinching family confessions. Pete is a former member of Sargasso Trio who enjoyed numerous sessions for BBC 6Music as well releasing records in Japan, America and Europe.”

MEURSAULT – Simple Is Good [starts 17:25]
“I used to be called Meursault. Then I was called Supermoon. Now I am called Meursault again.”

ROE – Fake Ur Death [starts 21:00]
“I am an Irish artist called Roisin Donald and my moniker is ROE. Over the past 2 years I have been doing a lot of gigs – I opened for PORTS at their album launch and performed at Stendhal Festival of Art in 2016. I released my debut EP and collaborated with MOBO Nominee David Lyttle, one of my tracks is also being used in a BBC documentary (set for broadcast in 2017). I have recently released my single Fake Ur Death which is one of the tracks on my new EP entitled You Call It Art, set for release in Spring 2017 on independent record label Fictive Kin.
I am currently in the middle of changing up my live setup to include a drum pad, loop pedal etc. to play as much of the recorded tracks live as possible.”

WILL RIDING – Venus In Mohair [starts 24:11]
“In the late ’90s Will Riding relocated to Chester from his home in a farming community in West Lancashire. Although suffering with sporadic hearing loss and raising a young family he did enough to keep his hand in, learning songs for the Chester Folk Festival, which he attended annually and had done for some years. He still harboured plans of writing for himself and often scribbled notes and ideas which were stored in a large carrier bag for when the time was right.

After getting his ears fixed he decided to kick it up a gear. He bought an eight track recorder with the idea of using it to help him practice, record and play over himself. He got carried away and over a couple of years produced a rather large body of work under the project name of The Naughty Step. In 2012, Will developed a footwear fetish and got busy writing. He ventured out and started playing two of his own songs Favourite Shoes and The Elves And The Shoemaker, amongst a repertoire of standards. Encouraged up by the reception these songs got he continues to write and is getting his songs out to a wider audience. He has slowly built up a body of songs inspired by people, places and the common experiences we all share.”

SUGARCOAT+THE PYLON KING – Come & Get Me [starts 27:51]
Sugar Coat, who feature singer Sugar Quinn, guitarist Billy Brentford Reeves and multi-instrumentalist Pylon King, met at Lewisham A&E department. Reeves was previously guitarist in Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s old band The Audience. The band’s debut single earlier this year was available variously as a jigsaw a mirror, a faux-fur design, inlaid with coal dust from the mines at Orgreave in South Yorkshire and 32 other one-off vinyls designed by artist Cameron Allen.”

SUBMARINES – Oh Well [starts 31:23]
Submarines are a British band formed in 2016. Heavily influenced by ’60s garage and ’70s New York punk-rock and new wave, they have drawn comparisons with Television and The Strokes with their intertwining, energetic guitar hooks, catchy vocal melodies and pounding rhythm. They recorded their debut release Oh Well earlier this year at Gizzard Recording Studios with legendary analogue producer Ed Deegan (The Cribs, The 5, 6, 7, 8’s, Cornershop).”

I SAID YES – Run This Town [starts 34:38]
I said Yes is an energetic five piece who combine arresting harmonies with raucous bluesy folk. Their live shows have a reputation for “stormy warmth” and they’ve supported Florence and the Machine, Lucy Rose, Johnny Flynn, Stornoway and Turin Brakes. Alongside a star-studded list of majestic artists, I Said Yes were recently chosen to be part of the Trump free America 30 days 30 songs campaign with their recent single Alexander. The band released 7 new singles in 2016 and are planning to follow this up with a full album in early 2017.”

THE BALKAN WANDERERS – The Poet [starts 38:09]
“A 5-piece band from Oxford, inspired by gypsy, klezmer and punk/ska, The Balkan Wanderers create original East (European)-meets-West songs. They are: Antica Culina (Croatian), Stuart Wigby, Clare Heaviside, Marc Witte (German), and Emma Coombs. The band has received radio support from 6 Music, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, and released their Citizens of Nowhere EP in November 2016 with a sell-out gig at Oxford’s Jericho Tavern. In 2016 they also headlined the Uncommon Stage of Common People Festival, and graced the cover of Nightshift magazine. Their upcoming Oxford shows include the 17th Dec 2016 (Wheatsheaf) and 14th April 2017 (Bullingdon), and they have national festivals lined up for the summer.

JAWHOLE – Warning Shot [starts 41:52]
Jawhole is a solo project from Ian Hedley of Cazimi”

RXC – Falling [starts 44:21]
RXC is a 21 year singer-songwriter-producer from Bristol, UK.”

WILL HESSEY – Wave Goodbye [starts 47:35]
“Dear Listener/Reader/John…

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write. I’m an English multi-instrumentalist, and as you may know, us multi-instrumentalists find it hard to talk about how truly, truly brilliant we really are… My name is Will Hessey. My shiny new EP Wave Goodbye (released Autumn 2016) features 3 songs – the title track Wave Goodbye, Shut Down and Wolves R Out 2Nite – self-penned, sung and played originals, moving from fingerstyle funk, via pop that rocks, to space-inspired soundscapes. Lyrically, all the songs celebrate heroes – those ordinary and extraordinary. 4.52 Magazine called me their ‘Great Big Hope for 2017’ – so it must be true…

It’s my fidgety relentlessness to not stay still that has led to playing festivals and gigs across the UK and Europe, radio airplay in the USA, and being involved in rather super projects with such acts as Electric Six and Eagles of Death Metal. I’m always looking forward, so I’m back in the recording studio, and looking forward to meeting you awesome people at a stage near you in 2017!
Love Will x
P.S. – It’s not you, it’s me..” 

RM DALY – Who Dares The Wind [starts 51:32]
Richard Michael Daly is from Liverpool.”

SQUIER SQUIER – The Art Of Being = [starts 54:42]
Squier Squier is the alias of Christo Squier; founder of progressive/post-classical marching band Perhaps Contraption. This track is taken from OverSleep, his first solo album (which features many members of the band). The project is a long-term labour love; brewing for over 5 years and is finally released on December 16th. It’s much more gentle than his previous avant-rock tinged offerings; based around finger-picked acoustic guitar and voice. This core is surrounded by lush layers of wind instruments, processed drums and field recordings (collected from travels and even from my son’s heartbeat, in utero). All of it, wrapped in swirling, extremely detailed electronic processing. OverSleep includes guest vocals from astounding Oakland based vocalist Skyris and a gentle cover of a Captain Beefheart song for good measure. The whole thing was mastered by the inimitable Mandy Parnell (Bjork, Dirty Projectors, Nick Cave). Live dates and more singles will follow in 2017.”

Squier Squier

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Tom Robinson

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