Marina Florance

Marina FloranceMarina Florance is a singer/songwriter originally from London. Marina’s music crosses a number of genres and has been described as Acoustic, Americana, Blues, Country and Folk, while it doubtless draws inspiration from all these sources her voice and style are uniquely her own.

Marina came to performing late in life although very soon after making the decision to “come out of the kitchen” she was awarded Arts Council funding, via the Escalator Project, to record a debut album, Somewhere Down The Line.

In March 2018 Marina independently released her second studio album which features collaborations with Kate Dimbleby & Johnno Casson. In January 2019 Marina and co-writer Jules Fox Allen won the FATEA Innovation Award alongside The Warm & Toasty Club founder, Johnno Casson, for the lottery & Arts Council funded, Memory Afternoons Project.

Marina worked with The Warm & Toasty Club between 2017-2019 and along with Jules was commissioned to compose six songs based on the memories of residents at retirement complexes along the Essex Coast & in Colchester.

As a moderator, Marina brings a wealth of firsthand experience to Fresh On The Net, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.

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